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GleneaglesFrontSignGleneagles is located on the east side of Lexington, Kentucky in a rapidly growing part of the city. Interstate 75 and the Hamburg shopping area are close by, giving our residents quick access to many conveniences.

Gleneagles is a deed restricted community, meaning that we have covenants, codes and restrictions that must be followed. Our residents pay annual assessments which are used to grow and maintain our neighborhood.

Gleneagles is also know for its Greenway space. The Greenways are corridors of protected open space managed for conservation and recreation purposes. Greenways often follow natural land or water features and link nature reserves, parks, and cultural features with each other and with populated areas. Some of our Greenways have been designed with walking trails. We currently have two Greenways with trails. Each are located on Polo Club Blvd and are indicated with signs. One is near Shaker Run and the other is near the end of Gleneagles near Birkdale Dr and Royal Troon. The Royal Troon walking trail connects to the Brighton East Rail Trail. Rail Trails are trails made from abandoned railroad corridors. For more information on Greenway spaces or Rail Trails, please visit www.kyrailtrail.org.

Our board of directors is made up of residents that are elected at each annual meeting. The board meets monthly to discuss issues and make decisions about our neighborhood, including how best to spend our assessments. Gleneagles residents are encouraged to attend both the annual meeting and the public forum of each monthly board meeting. For more information about the board and meetings, visit the Contact and Events sections of our site.

In addition to the information you can find here, Gleneagles also has a Facebook page with up-to-date information for all neighbors! Just click on the logo at the top left of the page

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Monthly Board Meeting – Feb

This the monthly board meeting of the Gleneagles Owners’ Association….

7:00 pm Bank of Lexington - Behind Rite-Aid Polo Club Blvd

Monthly Board Meeting – Mar

This the monthly board meeting of the Gleneagles Owners’ Association….

7:00 pm Bank of Lexington - Behind Rite-Aid Polo Club Blvd

Neighborhood Yard Sale – Spring

The annual Gleneagles Owners’ Association neighborhood yard sale.

8:00 am

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Our monthly board meeting was Monday night and we had another round of discussion on snow removal and what we should and can do. Here are the results and some answers to some questions as to why we came to the decisions we did.

The county has been better about clearing the snow for this snow storm than in the past. By Saturday, polo club was cleared enough to drive and by Sunday the side roads were cleared (except the cul de sacs).

We did an analysis of the roads and costs of snow removal and salting in our entire subdivision last year and the cost to just remove 4in of snow from our roads would be between 6-10k per incident. We have a lot of roads in Gleneagles. This was the same from 3 different companies we approached. To put that in perspective that would be about 60-100 homes’ YEARLY dues.
So the cost is a factor and I have heard and seen multiple posts on using reserve money to pay for it. I will address those statements later in the post when I talk finances of the association.

In addition to the cost, there is a liability issue with the snow removal. No company will take responsibility if they hit anything in the road, including parked cars, and damage occurs as a result. This includes any man holes or other city owned property. The liability will fall on the association and its members. This is not something the board is willing to take on for our members.
Now let’s get back to the costs and the reserve fund. The reserve fund is just what the name implies. It is a reserve of money set aside for projects and other needs that may not be covered in our annual budget. In fact, this reserve fund will be split later this year to put money aside for our End Of Life account (EOL). This EOL account is used to replace failing items in our neighborhood over the next few years when their useful life has ended and needs to be replaced. This would include our lighting, electrical, water, signs, street signs, and fences in our neighborhood. This allows us to make improvements as necessary without having to do a special assessment to our neighbors or raise dues to cover these costs. In addition, the reserve fund is used to pay for grants and such that we may want to partner with the city on for improvements to our neighborhood. So while we could use the reserve fund to remove snow in our neighborhood, is it really a good use of the money and what do we do when the reserve fund is fully depleted? The next question is what about our current dues? Good question.

The way our budget is we are in effect a net zero business. The amount of money that comes in to our association is effectively spent on normal day to day items for the association. Where does the money go? Well about 75% of the money goes to 2 items, the property management (which our bylaws state we must have) and Guardian security. Of the 25% left, the majority of that goes to maintenance of our common areas and the rest is used for other things like social events and the like. So to do snow removal something would have to be taken off the budget.

Well that is where we sit currently. The stance of the board is that the best course of action is to have the city handle the state of the road and we urge each homeowner to call 311 and report the condition of the road on which they live. Thanks for your time and you can contact the board at any time for further discussion or even better attend a monthly board meeting or our annual meeting coming up in May for further information.

Gleneagles Owners’ Association President ...

The monthly board meeting will be this Monday at the Bank of Lexington community room @ 7pm. If you have something specific you want to address to board about please contact your association president so we can put it on the agenda. ...

Hello fellow neighbors! As we approach the new year so too do we approach our annual meeting. We are scheduled to have the meeting in May. We have 3 board positions that will be coming up for reelection or that will be vacant. If you would like to be on the ballot for the board and help to make a difference in our community please let us know. If you'd like more information just contact any current board member for more information. The time commitment is very little (monthly meeting) and any projects you take on. ...

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