Deed Restrictions

What are deed restrictions?

Gleneagles is a deed restricted community, meaning that we have covenants, codes and restrictions that must be followed. These restrictions range from the height of your grass to what you can and cannot build on your property. These rules were designed and implemented by the developer of the land your home sits on and are in place to try and protect property values.

What section is my house located?

unit_map Each street is divided in to different units. Each unit can have a different set of restrictions.


Unit 1

  • 2993 to 3058 Polo Club Blvd.
  • 2201 to 2225 Barrington Lane
  • Caversham Park Lane
  • Blackmoor Park Lane
  • Blackmoor Park Circle
  • 2005 to 2009 Shaker Run Rd.

Unit 2

  • 3060 to 3236 Polo Club Blvd.
  • 2200 to 2220 Dunhill Lane
  • Winged Foot Circle
  • 2200 to 2269 Shaker Run Rd.

Unit 3

  • 2013 to 2193 Shaker Run Rd.
  • Shaker Oaks Court
  • Quaker Hill Lane
  • Shaker Run Circle
  • Baltusrol Lane
  • Birkdale Drive
  • Royal Troon Road

Unit 4

  • Sunningdale Drive
  • Owls Head Lane
  • Sunningdale Court
  • Oakhurst Lane
  • 2300 to 2313 Cross Creek Trace
  • 2224 to 2256 Dunhill Lane
  • Dunhill Court

Unit 5

  • 2900 to 2964 Polo Club Boulevard
  • Market Garden Lane
  • Roundway Down Lane
  • Sewanee Lane
  • Old House Road
  • Adwalton Road
  • Popham Court

Here are some differences and similarities for each zone.

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*All fences must be pre-approved by the board before construction.
**City ordinance is <9".

Please consult the master declaration and your zone's set of code and covenants to determine the accuracy of the above. While the board strives to make every effort to maintain the accuracy of the information it is up to the home owner to do their due diligence.